Forging new paths since 2006

From 2006 to 2015, the Mindmine Summit has evolved with each passing year. We not only raise issues here but also try to give it a certain direction by feeding the ideas back into the system.

The Eighth Mindmine Summit was held on April 4 and 5, 2013 at The Grand, New Delhi with a theme?: ‘Today’s India: Economics or Politics?’.

The 2012 Mindmine Summit (India in transition: For Better Or For Worse?) candidly assessed pitfalls caused by the slowing economy. We also discussed how challenges of coalition politics and those of our unique system of democracy were causing against across society and industry...More

After six successful summits that have attracted leaders from amongst the best of India's policymakers, corporate leaders and opinion makers, in 2012 stage is set for the Seventh Mindmine Summit with a theme: "India in transition: For better or for worse?". We are in a period of change and transition, both nationally and globally. Every industry in India is facing challenges due to this change. A need to discuss and analyze these issues to generate new ideas toward effective results led to the theme of Mindmine 2012. .....More

After five successful summits that have attracted leaders from amongst the best of India's policymakers,corporate leaders and opinion makers from diverse fields the stage is set for the Sixth Mindmine Summit,which is being held at Hotel ITC Maurya,New Delhi on April 21-22,2011. Our theme this year is:"Thriving in Uncertainty: Is this the Real India?" Last year's theme,2010:Is This India's Defining Moment?" attempted to scan th fledgllng process of recovery around the world and in India,and also spelt out some .....More

After four very successful summits which were widely covered by the media, the Fifth Edition of the Summit will be held at Hotel ITC Maurya on March 11 and 12, 2010. Last year’s theme, “Challenges of Troubled Times: Opportunities and Threats” focused on the global economic crisis from different perspectives. Last year’s summit was held against a backdrop of tumult. This year’s event is being held in an environment of hope and renewal. Appropriately, our theme this year is titled: “2010: Is This India’s Defining Moment?”In the first decade of the new millennium, India underwent cataclysmic changes and remarkable progress. ....More

The Fourth Mindmine Summit in 2009 focussed on "Challenges of Troubled Times: Opportunities and Threats.", how India was going to turn the recession into an opportunity for growth. Mr. L K Advani, Mr. Kamal Nath and many others were a part of this historic summit, that generated a huge buzz in the media and the Indian intellectual environment. Every so often in the history of International Affairs, a great transactional turbulence shakes the foundations of the world and brings many of its older structures tumbling to the ground. In the confusion and babble that follow, it's difficult to see through the dust and recognise....More

The Third Mindmine Summit in 2008 was centered around "Re-inventing Indian Business: Agenda for Today". Thought leaders like Mr. Nandan Nilekani, Mr. Mani Shankar Aiyar and many others discussed the immediate needs for Indian business to reach the next level. Legacy and first generation enterprises in India were building globally competitive enterprises. As a result of 17 years of reforms, the baggage from the past had been shed and Indian firms now had the confidence to look global and Asian counterparts in the eye. The growing ambitions of Indian firms had caught the attention and captured the imagination of both...More

In 2007, the Second Mindmine Summit was a big affair, where the focus was on "Imagining. Investing. Inventing: The Global Indian manager.". The likes of Mr. P. Chidambaram, Mr. Michael Gelb and Mr. Analjit Singh amongst many more, discussed the emergence and future of the new Global Indian Manager. After becoming convinced of their ability to compete globally, members of India Inc. began flexing their muscles in the global M&A market space. In the first nine months of 2006, Indian companies announced 112 foreign acquisitions worth US$ 7.2 billion. This was almost double the 2005 figure...More

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