Schedule & Key Sessions

Day 1, Thursday, April 19, 2018
Session I: Keynote Address
Session II: The Road to India@75: Will structural reforms finally connect the dots?
Session III: “Citification’’ of Bharat: Emerging nightmare or exciting opportunity?
Session IV: Risks, Threats & Cyclicality: Are we now smarter about the future?
Session V: Reimagining Governance: Can principles and trust replace dogmatism?
Session VI: Mindmine Exchange- Harnessing legacy: Can our artisanal past craft an exciting future?
Session VII: Future Tense: How do we reimagine learning in India?
Day 2, Friday April 20, 2018
Session VIII: From Gladiators to Catalysts: Can our politicians reinvent themselves?
Session IX: Floor prices in agriculture: Are we treating the malaise or just the symptoms?
Session X:Investing: Which will be India’s biggest wealth creators in the new decade?
Session XI: India’s Millennials: Will current habits shape the next 25 years?
Session XII:Future of Healthcare: Can cutting-edge also become more affordable?
Session XIII:India’s “civic” challenge: Can our children succeed where policy makers have failed?
Session XIV: The Big Debate: In the opinion of this house, the destiny of our country is being changed by evolution, and not by revolution
Session XV: Valedictory Session
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