Schedule & Key Sessions

Day 1, Thursday April 20, 2017
Session I: Inaugural Session: Key Note Address by Chief Guest
Session II: Mindmine Exchange - India in 2017: More Roadbumps or Achhe Din?
Session III: Global Uncertainty: Have Free Market Champions turn Protectionists?
Session IV: The Emerging Tax Map:Will Indians Finally Become More Accountable?
Session V: Mainstreaming & Digitising Bharat:Battlefront or Emerging Miracle?
Session VI: Measuring Growth and Success:Time to Move Beyond GDP?
Session VII:Winning against MNCs: Can emerging Mega Brands Deliver?
Day 2, Friday April 21, 2017
Session VIII: Statecraft: The Emerging Equations
Session IX: Post-truth:Is Social Media Being Used to Alter Reality?
Session X:Soft Power: Turning Heritage into X-factor
Session XI: Mindmine Exchange - Impactful Philanthropy: From Backseat to Real Driving
Session XII:Aging India:The Looming Crisis?
Session XIII:The Big Debate: In the Opinion of This House, the Wealth of India’s temples belong to the people of India
Valedictory Session followed by Vote of Thanks & Summary of Learning
MMS 2017 General Schedule - To download click here
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