Mr. Salil Singhal

Mr. Salil Singhal has been associated with the Industry Sector since 1965, and headed the family businesses since 1979, after the demise of the Founder.

The family business interests are in the fields of agrochemicals, fine chemicals, electronic metering services and solutions, mining and mineral processing with head quarters at Udaipur (Rajasthan).

M/s. P.I. Industries Ltd. is the production and marketing of agrochemicals being amongst the top 5 companies in India, ‘custom’ research and manufacture of complex chemicals for some of the top MNCs,

Wolkem India are the world’s largest producers of the mineral wollastonite, as also supply around 65% of calcite to the Indian user industry. Its value added mineral products are produced in Rajasthan, Himachal, Orissa, Andhra, Tamil Nadu and Vietnam

Secure Meters Ltd. was started in 1987 which pioneered the introduction of electronic metering for the power industry in India, and is now internationally recognized for its innovations in metering solutions and services. The Company has grown with acquisitions in the UK, Sweden and Australia, and has the world’s largest R&D set up with a team of over 600.

Mr. Singhal brings a strong marketing and business development focus to the businesses, making them not only international in outlook but also strong in research and development. Each company in the Group is known to be on the forefront of technology.

The Group enjoys an excellent reputation for its high standards of business ethics, and for their fair and transparent business practices.

He was the Chairman of the Pesticides Association of India, now called the Crop Care Federation of India for 17 years, and is now Chairman Emeritus for life.

He is currently the Co-Chairman of the National Council on Agriculture and a member of CII’s National Council.

He has served with various high powered committees of the Indian Govt. and represented Indian industry

Mr. Singhal has traveled extensively and has addressed many Conferences and Seminars on the subjects of Indian agriculture, environment, chemical industry and agrochemicals. He is also associated with various social, cultural and educational organizations.

He presently lives in New Delhi.

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