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AZB & Partners was founded in 2004 with a clear purpose to provide reliable, practical and full–service advice to clients, across all sectors. The Firm brought together the practices of CZB & Partners in Mumbai and Bangalore and Ajay Bahl & Company in Delhi. Having grown steadily since its inception, AZB & Partners now has offices across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Pune. The Firm has an accomplished and driven team of 450+ lawyers committed to delivering best–in–class legal solutions to help clients achieve their objectives. The Firm’s clients include an array of domestic and international companies. These range from privately owned to publicly listed companies, including Fortune 500 Entities, Multinational Companies (MNCs), Investment Banks and Private Equity Firms. The Firm has also built, through its many professional engagements, strong relationships with specialists, regulatory authorities and several international law firms. The Firm’s deep, nuanced understanding of governance, coupled with the insistence on ethics and professionalism extends from corporate governance to public policy. The Firm’s experienced lawyers and specialist teams work with consultants, governments and international law firms to contribute to the evolving governance landscape in India. They regularly address conferences and seminars on and author articles advocating for policy change.

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